Do you want a ‘quick fix’ or would you prefer water proof linings to provide you with a professional, cost-effective and long-term solution?

Water Proof Linings is an industry leader, providing long-lasting “polyurea” coating solutions of superior quality, with excellent application technology, and technical support.

Water Proof Linings has the right material and support for your business. Call us today and invest in your future.

We at Water Proof Linings provide you the best flooring solutions. We have Polyaspartic flooring solutions, warehouse flooring and industrial flooring solutions for you. These solutions are most popular for their rapid turnaround installation capabilities.

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Water Proof Linings proudly provide the solutions for the flat roof problems. We offer a coating that provides optimal protection from water penetration or roof damage and will not support any kind of mould, mildew, or fungus growth on the surface.

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